Your contribution to your colleagues‘s health.

Surprise your colleagues and employees with a treat and contribute actively to their health and happiness! ALFA SPORTSCLUB offers attractive company fitness packages, that are there to provide you with a rich concept, catered towards your company’s health management and to motivate your colleagues, to lead a more active lifestyle.

To make your colleagues feel happier and healthier.

Statistics show that a well functioning and appealing company health management improves the productivity and motivation of employees. It reduces the amount of sick leave time and on top of that, increases the attractivity of your company in the eyes of potential applicants.

We are here to support you and to talk about your questions, your concerns and all the various options, regarding company health management.

Our company fitness packages:

  • Company fitness memberships
  • Companys – Health – Fitness day
  • Workshops & group lecturing

Advantages for your company

  • Securing your colleagues’s higher performance, resilience and motivation
  • Enhancing your company’s image
  • Elevating your colleagues’s will to identify with the company and strengthening solidarity
  • Decreasing costs, due to lowered sick leave time
  • Increasing the productivity and quality of labor
  • Strengthening the level of competitiveness
  • Tax relief

Advantages for your colleagues

  • Improved physical and mental efficiency
  • Prevention of degenerative processes within the body, due to strengthening of the muscle groups
  • Improving cardiovascular health through regular workout and exercising
  • Higher self-esteem, active stress reduction and reduced accident-proneness, due to elevated focus
  • Increasing happiness at work and improving the social climate between your colleagues

Are you interested in our company fitness offers, or would you like to become one of our partner companies?

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