Fitness. Wellness. Luxury.

High Level Fitness & Wellness

ALFA SPORTSCLUB offers an all inclusive fitness concept, innovative workout technology, an extensive offering of fitness classes, a generous wellness area that includes a pool, constructed of stainless steel, 20 meters in length, as well as an inspirational and sports-enthusiastic team of employees, in a relaxing atmosphere.

Your desires are our goals!

No matter if you are completely new in the world of fitness or an athlete, young or seasoned – we are doing our best to cater to your personal goals and needs, to ensure a comfortable and fruitful time at ALFA SPORTSCLUB.

Professional service is of utmost interest to us and we look forward to support you in achieving your own personal fitness- & health-related goals, in an ideal and sustainable way.

Professional service

It is in our interest to improve your life quality, through our holistic training concept. After all, the desires and goals differ with each of our guests!

A great concern of our whole team at the ALFA SPORTSCLUB is to help you reach your own personal goals. No matter if it is about losing weight, building muscles, getting rid of your back pain, strengthening your cardiovascular system or improving your overall fitness. We are here to help you!

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Wehlistraße 291, 1020 Wien