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valid from June 1st

Course descriptions

Course Duration Description
AQUA GYM 55 Minutes Aqua Gym class, known for providing an extra joint-gentle, power- and endurance-strengthening program.
BACK & MOBILITY 55 Minutes Strengthening of your back-, glutes- and abdominal muscle groups, to avoid and to sooth back pain, as well as specific movement training.
LES MILLS BODYBALANCE 55 Minutes Through elements from the teachings of yoga, thai chi & pilates, you are increasing your physical energy and agility. Controlled breathing, focus and carefully structured serieses of stretching exercises, as well as motions, go for a holistic workout.
LES MILLS BODYPUMP 55 Minutes The classic barbell workout, at which you are able to define your main muscle groups. During this particular workout, you are working on your main muscle groups with the most effective weight exercises.
LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT 55 Minutes is a high-energy martial arts-inspired workout Punch and kick your way to fitness and learn moves from Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira and Kung Fu.
BODYWORK 55 Minutes A diverse full-body workout, during which you strengthen your muscles through the aid of additional devices.
LES MILLS CORE 25 Minutes LES MILLS CORE™ is the ideal workout program, to strengthen your tummy- & glutes muscle groups, as well as your back. During this program, equipments such as resistance bands and weight discs will be at your assistance.
HATHA FLOW YOGA 55 Minuten The main focus lies in calmness and relaxation, all while strengthening exercises might be included, to find your inner and outer balance.
HIIT 25 Minuten The ultimate workout, based on your own body weight and with focus on pace and intensity. It pushes your body fat burning processes and cardiovascular fitness.
INDOOR CYCLING 55 Minuten Intensive cardiovascular training on our indoor bicycles, to the rhythm of music. Choose your individual level of intensity.
PILATES 55 Minuten Static and dynamic motions flow into one another. The entire muscle groups are strengthened and stretched. During this holistic training, the focus on your body’s center increases and your breathing will reach a state of harmony.
VINYASA YOGA 55 Minuten Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic, flowing style of yoga, at which the execution of movements and breathing becomes synchronised.


Regardless of whether you prefer to work on your strength or look forward to harmonizing your body during yoga, our group classes leave no unfulfilled desires. To partake at the group classes, signing up beforehand, via our ALFA Sportsclub app, is required. You can download the app without further inconveniences on your smartphone’s app store and sign up, using your e-mail address. Our ALFA Sportsclub crew is there to help you out, in case you have got any questions.