Recovery galore!

  • 20 Meters – Stainless steel – Swimming pool
  • Large whirlpool
  • Finish sauna (90 degrees celcius)
  • Biosauna (60 degrees celcius)
  • Steam sauna
  • Ladies sauna
  • Outdoor terrace and relaxation rooms

Relaxation galore!

After a long training session, make use of our generous wellness facilities, in order to relax and to strengthen your immune system!

Take a deep dive in our 20 Meters – Stainless steel – Swimming pool or enjoy the hydraulic air massage in our whirlpool and experience pure bliss and relaxation! 


Heat galore!

Let the feeling of warmth sink into your pores and stimulate your metabolism! You can choose between the bio sauna (about 60 degrees celcius), the finish sauna (about 60 degrees celcius, including automatic infusions) our spacious steam sauna, or the ladies sauna.

Aqua Training galore!

Choose between partaking at our joint-gentle aqua gymnastic classes or optimizing your swimming abilities with our certified swimming trainers. Perhaps you are interested in partaking at one of our regular Aqua Gym workshops?

Recharge your batteries under the sun on our terrace or spend a calming time in our relaxation areas.