Why weight training?

  • You are able to work on any muscle separately
  • You are improving your posture
  • You are strengthening your tendons, ligaments and bones
  • You can compensate muscular imbalances
  • You can boost your metabolism
  • You can improve your immune system

Safe and effective workout variety for your muscles

A health-oriented and regular weight training improves your metabolism, fights dysbalances, prevents natural muscle atrophy and enables a higher mobility, even at a higher age.

Even when it comes to weight loss, strengthening training is inevitable if you want to increase your basal metabolism (muscle mass displaces fat mass!) and strengthen your connective tissue.

We are offering you high quality Precor and EGYM strength equipment, as well as more than enough possibilities for an efficient weight- & functional training with barbells and dumbbells. Thus, you´ll find numerous possibilities in our exclusive functional area.

Furthermore, you can improve your balance and coordinative skills, as well as working on and loosening your fascias with various machines.