Individual training support!

A individual personal training, catered towards your personal goals and desires! Training sessions with our personal trainers, that range in variety, are not only more effective, they are more fun and get you faster to where your physical goal is.

Individual Workouts

During the very first personal training, you are able to consult with our trainers about your fitness- and lifestyle goals desires. In consideration of your physical- and health-based situation, our personal trainers draw individual training plans and schedules for you, that can be altered during each training session.


The personal training supports you to execute your training sessions correctly and in accordance with your training concept. Not only does this optimize your results, it also decreases the jeopardy that is workout accidents.

Stay motivated!

Staying motivated is not always easy to accomplish. Regular workouts, supervised by your personal trainer, as well as the option to share results and achievements with them, motivates one to not give up and improve continuously.

You can book individual lessons or various packages for personal trainer lessons at the Alfa reception. You can choose and decide with whom and in which training area your personal PT training should take place for a period of 60 minutes