Intelligent workout and winning time!

ALFA SPORTSCLUB offers a new dimension when it comes to working out with EGYM. With our fully automated machine settings, you can comfortably complete a safe and guided workout and thus save valuable time. Whether it‘s building muscles, improving overall fitness or just working on your appearance:  our automatically periodic workout programs are directly adaptable to your own personal workout goals.

Via dynamic strength measurements, muscular dysbalances are shown and continuous new workout stimuli for an optimal utilization are set. Due to automatically changing workout routines, increased effects are being achieved and your individual progress will be shown. Through a fused connection and the right timing between the individual exercises, unnecessary waiting is avoided, so that you can start with EGYM anytime and finish your workout.



Define your age. Determine your life.

To find motivation and time is hard, we know that. Thats where our App is helping you to integrate your workout in your daily life. There you can find various features that will help you to keep it rolling: The Studio Ranking, various challenges, and most importantly, your personal BioAge!

The best: You don´t even have to make up your mind about how to work out ideally. Because with EGYM it happens automatically.

Strengthtraining with EGYM – more than a difference!

  • You´ll complete a timesafing Intensitytraining with only 20 minutes per session.
  • You´ll make your progress and training success measurable.
  • You´ll work out safer and more effective than ever with leaded movements.
  • The latest training technology with fully automatic and easy operation function.
  •  They have a wide variety of training modes, such as muscle building, figure, rehabilitation or athletic training.
  • You´ll analyse the biological age of your muscles and imidiately notice any dysbalances.
  • You´ll collect energypoints while working out and increase your own personal fitnesslevel.
  • You can instantly see everything in the EGYM-App and you can document and share it.